Oct 02 2006

The “liberal media smear” of (former) Rep. Mark Foley

Normally I don’t find much humour in the idea of an adult seeking out sexual activity with a minor, but a recent column by a BuzzFlash.com commenter called Angry Liberal has me chuckling at the moment.

Here’s a little preview in case you’re wondering whether or not to take the time to read the whole "editorial". (But I promise that it’s worth it!)

Congressman Foley Overreacts to Liberal Media Smear!

By Angry Liberal

I’ve thought over the predicament that former Florida Rep. Mark Foley finds himself in and I can’t help but wonder if he wasn’t a bit hasty with his resignation, which was based on a cheap liberal smear. I mean, what did he do that his constituents would find so terrible?

Don’t get me wrong, congressman. Decent Americans who read the ABC News expose on your little email hobby, which included exchanging sexually explicit messages with underage boys, are pretty sure you’re a scumbag. But decent Americans didn’t really support you to begin with, did we? So why on earth would the Republicans in congress or your district have a problem with what we know about you so far? Let’s examine what the ABC News piece alleges and why these allegations should prove irrelevant to Republicans throughout America.

The columnist then goes on to list five allegations against the disgraced former Florida congressman and explains why Republican voters don’t care about them, ranging from the posibility that Foley may have committed a crime (A-OK for Tom DeLay) to the GOP’s well-known acceptance of gay people (nobody had a problem with a gay prostitute posing as a journalist and making regular visits to the White House…as long as he didn’t want to get married).

But my favorite line from the entire column has to be the Angry Liberal’s suggested soundbite for Rep. Foley to use in the coming week: “If Americans don’t have the freedom to send hot messages to minors, the terrorists win.”

You go on, Angry Liberal!  I’m right behind you (taking furious notes in the hopes of learning how to write better satire)!

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