Oct 06 2006

Autumn: Now officially unavoidable

There are now some obvious signs that fall is finally upon us here in southern Sweden. We had lots of sunshine and unseasonably mild temperatures for most of September and it looked as though the trend was going to continue into October, or maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. 

Today, for the first time, it really “felt” like autumn due to a combination of factors. For one thing, rain striking the bedroom window woke me up before my alarm clock did this morning.  I’ve also been walking to the Central Station in relative “twilight” all week, but today (probably because of the cloudy, wet conditions) it actually felt “dark.”

The temperature has also dropped over the last 24 hours, making a jacket mandatory rather than just optional.  And when I sat on the train across the aisle from a woman who sounded like she was trying to cough up a lung, that pretty much sealed the deal. Winter is definitely on its way.

I plan to console myself with some guilt-free sushi tonight. “Guilt-free” because Dr. Darling will be on her way to Laholm to help her mother figure out the mysteries of her new laptop, which means she won’t be sitting across from me with a disgusted look on her face while I attempt to create the perfect mix of soy sauce and wasabi in which to dunk my spicy tuna inside-out. (Dr. Darling does not eat fish of any kind. I expect her Swedish citizenship to be revoked at any moment.)

I will join her tomorrow afternoon for our niece’s christening in Halmstad, and from there we will head up to Falkenberg to spend the evening with her dad and his partner.  They are preparing to down-size from a house to a condo and have set aside a number of things they think we might like to have for The Penthouse-Nordic. My FiL with then drive us and our treasures back down to Malmö in time for our yoga class on Sunday afternoon. Sound like a hot weekend, or what?!  (Try not to be too envious.)

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