Oct 18 2006

What weekend blogging?!

Apple iBook G4

Apple iBook G4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love to blog on weekends, but you would never know that by looking at my archives the last couple weeks. Lately my weekends have been so busy that I haven’t been getting my usual blogging time in…a situation made even more frustrating by the fact that the ‘busy-ness’ itself is producing all kinds of great material to blog about!

Usually my weekend schedule is more relaxed and flexible than week days, so I have more time to write. Or more accurately, more time to think about what I want to write. And as anyone who does a lot of writing knows…the “thinking” part is where most of the work comes in.

Because Dr. Darling is a semi-pro sleeper, I almost always have The Penthouse-Nordic to myself  for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  This is my favorite time to surf and read e-mail but it’s often when I’m the least inspired to actually write. My most productive writing tends to happen fairly late in the evening after I’ve had all day to think about whatever idea it is I want to share.

This is the main reason why I love to blog on weekends…especially Friday and Saturday nights when there’s no pressure to be in bed at a decent hour. I can basically tap away on my iBook until I have something worth posting.  And it should be noted that the length of a finished entry is not necessarily proportional to the amount of time spent composing it, a concept that continues to be as baffling to the Swede as that of “artistic license.”

We spent a good chunk of this past weekend looking after the children of some friends who had taken an overnight trip to Gothenberg, and while I made sure I would be able to get online while I was at their home, I was too exhausted at the end of the day to even start the computer. So here it is, Wednesday already, and I haven’t blogged at all about the experience of being a “round-the-clock” child-minder…something that was completely new and somewhat eye-opening for Dr. Darling.

Let’s just say that if birth-control were an issue for us, our diligence with it would be doubled now.

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