Oct 20 2006

Well Howdy Howard!

I had a little surprise in my INBOX today…a message from National Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean.

Howard Dean speaking at DNC event

Howard Dean speaking at DNC event (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course I know that even though it appeared to be addressed to me personally, it was a mass mailing that likely went to hundreds of thousands of people.  The only catch is that I’m not registered as a Democrat and on top of that, I live in Sweden … so it must have taken a bit of digging to find me.

Furthermore, my home state congressional district is represented by a 7-term Republican Gulf War (the first one) veteran who has spent nearly a half-million dollars so far to retain the seat, which basically means the Democratic candidate doesn’t have a chance in hell no matter how well-qualified he happens to be.

Still, I think it’s kind of cool that the college intern responsible for coordinating Howard Dean‘s mass e-mailings to potential Democratic voters thinks it’s important for me to cast a ballot. Oh for the naive enthusiasm of youth…

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