Oct 25 2006

Rogers & Hammerstein must be spinning in their graves…

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing personal against Gwen Stefani.  In fact, I thought it was pretty cool when she used the refrain from a classic song in a timeless Broadway musical in her hit “Rich Girl.”  I think even Topal would have approved.

But evidently Gwen was not done mining musicals for inspiration, because on my walk to the train station this morning I heard a “sneak preview” of her next single and nearly ran into a building. This time, instead of updating the tune to make it fresh and fitting for her purpose, she has actually sampled one of my favorite songs from The Holy Grail of Musicals, The Sound of Music.

Now I don’t think it needs to be said that Gwen is treading on sacred ground here. Some things you just don’t mess with, and some songs are not meant to be sampled for use in hip hop music. “The Lonely Goatherd” is definitely one of these.

Let’s just hope that this isn’t the start of a trend, because if I ever hear Sean Paul doing a rendition of Do-Re-Mi, I’ll have to jump off the Öresund Bridge.


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