Oct 28 2006

Cruella Comeuppance Update #3

Apologies that it’s been so long since I last reported on Dr. Darling’s discrimination complaint against our former landlady-from-hell.  Like the rest of "official" Sweden, the Stockholm office handling the report went into summer holiday mode sometime in June, and during the calm of those balmy, sunshiney days proceeded to "lose" the file.

Once it was re-discovered (sometime in September thanks to an inquiry by our local advocate), we began to receive regular notices from them on how the case was moving along. The first bit of information forwarded to us was the landlord’s response to their request that he explain Cruella DeVille’s parting remark to Dr. Darling.  Being the idiot that he his, he gave his version of our refusal to hand over the keys until we were legally required to do so and didn’t even address Nurse Ratched‘s cruel and offensive comment, which is the whole reason for the complaint.

Naturally this answer didn’t satisfy Stockholm, and much to our delight they sent a longer, more detailed follow-up questionnaire to the landlord. In it he had to clarify who Cruella was and how she was quailfied to deal with tenants in his buildings.

This time, his response appears to have been prepared with some advice from a lawyer, because instead of issuing an outright denial as would be normal operating procedure for her, The Wicked Witch of Limhamn claimed she "could not recall" what she had said to Dr. Darling before closing the door in her face last May. Right. If she were drunk maybe. Then again, it was around 10 a.m., so it’s entirely possible.

I imagine the next step will be for Stockholm to remind Cruella of what she said. In the meantime, our local caseworker has been contacted by a journalist who noticed there were four discrimination investigations underway in Malmö (all a matter of public record, obviously).  He’s interested in possibly doing a story on them and thinks our complaint is especially interesting because rather than just being a case of Dr. Darling‘s word against Cruella’s, we have an audio recording of the entire incident.

I wonder what her lawyer’s advice will be regarding that?

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