Oct 30 2006

For those who read Swedish…

Turns out that reporter I mentioned in “Cruella Comeuppance Update # 3” wasn’t just Whistling Dixie!  The news story about the four discrimination cases under investigation in Malmö was in the Sydsvenskan today, the largest newspaper in southern Sweden. You can have a look at the article here.

The story doesn’t say much other than to describe the incidents that led to the complaints, which are quite varied. We were relieved to see that Dr. Darling’s name was not mentioned in the article, but kind of disappointed that Cruella’s wasn’t either. The reporter could have at least included the correct location of the apartment building, which is in LIMHAMN.

The article does lift some specific details from our complaint and quotes our local caseworker on the fact that the evil dingbat’s comment to Dr. Darling was recorded.

I’m thinking about clipping it out of the paper and sending it to our former idiot landlord anonymously.

In the meantime, Dr. Darling is having an interesting reaction to life in the semi-public eye.

Dr. D: I can’t believe the article referred to me as a “woman.”

Shazz: Sweetie, the only person who actually thinks you’re macho is you.

Dr. D: That’s not the point. Now all of southern Sweden thinks that I’m a grown-up.


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