Nov 12 2006

“To the left, to the left…”

I’d like to say that I spent the entire weekend basking in the glow of the cable news networks’ analysis of the spanking the GOP took in last week’s U. S. elections.  But instead Dr. Darling and I have been scrambling to complete a guidebook factcheck for a London publishing company that we occasionally freelance for…with CNN International, BBC World and CNBC alternating in the background of course.  Not quite as satisfying…but still pretty cool.

Worse yet, I didn’t get to read and digest all the progressive political blogs I’d normally be scanning on the weekend.  But I did catch one little gem of a story via Daily Kos that pretty much sums up just how bad the beating was for "God’s Own Party" last Tuesday.

The auditor in Jarauld County, South Dakota says a Democratic candidate who has been dead since September won a seat on the county commission over a live Republican when election rules prevented party leaders from replacing the name on the ballot.  Worse yet, the clerk said most folks in the small community knew the women had died, but voted for her anyway to make a political point. OUCH.

Sounds like a lot of folks heard my suggested Election Day Anthem last week.  Who would have guessed that Beyonce was so popular in South Dakota?

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