Nov 28 2006

Misery, thy name is head-cold at 30,000 feet

Fear not faithful readers!  I’m not dead.  But there were moments during the flight when I wished it were so.

Our whirlwind 10 day visit in the U.S. included a HUGE Thanksgiving reunion in Akron, Ohio, where several small children had runny noses and were kind enough to pass along the bug to both Dr. Darling and myself before we left.  Just what you want before boarding a 7.5 hour flight.

But aside from battle that raged between my sinuses and the cabin pressure , the trip home was very smooth.  Not only did the Swede manage to avoid a full-body pat down by TSA officials at O’Hare (a good trick considering the official Security Alert Level was Oh My God Orange), she also remembered to have her departure photo and fingerprints taken before we even got to the gate.

And now that we’ve managed to stay awake to the recommended evening hour for minimizing jetlag when travelling west to east, we’re going to crawl into our own bed for the first time in 12 nights.  Anyone want to lay odds that we’re both wide awake at 3:15 a.m.?

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