Nov 30 2006

So I was off by 30 minutes…

I managed to put in a full day of work yesterday, which was pretty remarkable considering I had been awake since 3:45 a.m.

My plan was to stick to mostly mindless activities since most of my mind was still in the U.S., but the CEO had other ideas and I ended up having to write a short article for him. He signed off on the first draft for publication on the company’s intranet site…which apparently means I can still put together a decent sentence or two while jet-lagged. SWEET.

But my head-cold moved into my chest overnight and after spending most of the night on the couch in a reclined sitting position to keep from coughing too much, I decided to spend most of today on the couch, too…which is probably what I should have done yesterday.  This gave me time to review some of my blogging notes from the last 10 days and put together a little list I call:

Thanksgiving Trip by the Numbers

1 – Canon digital camera purchased, *Krispy Kreme donut eaten, Starbucks coffee sipped, cold caught

2 – meals at *Taco Bell savoured, bowls of *Cap’n Crunch cereal enjoyed, yoga mats purchased, jars of Smucker’s All Natural Peanutbutter smuggled back to Sweden

3 – pairs of shoes bought, .75 liter bottles of Captain Morgan spiced rum run

5 – pairs of Levi’s purchased

7 – football games watched

8 – *Einstien’s jalapeno bagels devoured

11 – first cousins bonded with

12 – hours in the car getting to and from Akron, Ohio

28 – cans of Diet Mt. Dew drunk

47 – people at Thanksgiving dinner

75 – e-mails waiting for me at work despite having the out-of-office message activated

*No comment on how many lbs. I may have gained (mostly because I’m afraid to get on the scale and find out.)

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