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Dec 31 2006

New Year’s Eve with Jodie Foster

Okay…so I’m not actually ringing 2007 in with one of my favorite actresses…unless watching "Contact" for the 4th time counts.  Pretty friggin’ exciting, huh?  My other option was to play Trivial Pursuit (Globetrotter Edition) with Dr. Darling and her mother in Swedish, and I just didn’t feel like thinking that hard…so Jodie won. New Year’s …

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Dec 29 2006

Giving new meaning to the BIG in “The Big-O”

Here’s a world peace initiative I can really get behind…so how the hell did I manage to miss it?! Global Orgasm Day – December 22, 2006 I live in Sweden after all…a country recognized around the world for casual nakedness and supposed sexual abandon. It should have made the Swedish calendar at least. Humph. Maybe I …

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Dec 28 2006

Not quite deja vu

My university (Go Cards!) had a reputation as a “party school” because a significant segment of the student population believed that the weekend started on Thursday afternoon.  Who ever would have guessed that two score later and on the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean, my Swedish mother-in-law would also believe that the weekend starts …

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Dec 27 2006

Farty McRipperton rides again!

Evidently cutting the cheese in confined spaces is a sure-fire way to end up in the news. First there was the woman who forced an American Airlines flight into an emergency landing by lighting matches to cover the stench of her gas problem, and now there’s a guy in Nebraska facing a felony assault charge for …

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Dec 25 2006

Santa sure didn’t look like this…

…when I was growing up! This version of Santa emerging from the surf in Australia is making me re-think that whole "naughty or nice" thing.  HAVE MERCY! Speaking of prime cuts of meat…we just finished Christmas Day dinner…my first-ever solo attempt at roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding.  And it was pretty darn good if I …

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Dec 23 2006

And so the holiday weekend begins…

We’re getting ourselves organized for a quick overnite trip north to make the rounds of Dr. Darling’s family.  It’s Dad for dinner tonight and then brother’s family for brunch tomorrow.  (Mom’s coming down to us for New Year’s.) We’ll head home tomorrow afternoon to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in The Penthouse – Nordic…our …

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Dec 22 2006

What’s YOUR favorite Christmas carol?

Earlier this week during "fika" with some colleagues, we were discussing our favorite Christmas carols.  I’ve got a bunch of favorites actually, but if I had to narrow my Top 5 to just a single carol, it would be "The Little Drummer Boy." And possibly my all-time favorite version of it was a duet that …

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