Dec 05 2006

Guess I’m “it”…

Evidently I’ve been "tagged" by a fellow ex-pat blogger to list five things about myself that might surprise people.  Normally I don’t participate in these kinds of blog challenges (not because I’m "above" them, but rather because I’m lazy) but I enjoyed his list so much that I figured I’d better get off my butt and make an exception in this case.

1. My first ambition as a very young child was to grow up to be a boy or a bird. I’m not sure how old I was before I realized that neither of these goals were really an option. But by the time my sister (who’s three years younger) announced that she wanted to be a lion, I knew she was in for a world of disappointment.

2. Like Tim who tagged me, I have a "thing" for monkeys.  As a kid I begged and pleaded to be allowed to have one as a pet, to the point that my grandfather was prepared to get me one…until my mother told him that the monkey would have to live at HIS house.

3. As a teenager, I once participated in a historical re-enactment of the Battle of Bunker Hill. (As a boy soldier, see #1.)  Because there was a shortage of rebel troops compared to Redcoats, I got to die 4 times during the course of the battle.

4. Inspired by an acquaintance who got a congratulatory note from the Whitehouse after sending his graduation announcement to the President, I sent a wedding gift to the Prince and Princess of Wales and received a thank-you note from Kensington Palace.

5.  I’m such a HUGE Anglophile that my Swede once joked to her mom that the only reason we were together was so that I could get EU citizenship and move to England. Unfortunately the humour was lost on my mother-in-law, who still looks at me funny on occasion.

Is anyone really surprised?

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