Dec 10 2006

“Commitment-Free” weekend draws to a close

Between an extended freelance project we accepted back at the end of September and our recent trip to the U.S., Dr. Darling and I had not had a commitment-free weekend in over two months.  Which is why our calendar for Dec. 8-10 was intentionally kept COMPLETELY empty…to the point that I even turned down two invitations (one for dinner, one for a Christmas party) from some very understanding friends who I’m surprised even remembered who we were to invite us in the first place!

Turning down invitations is really tough for a hyper-social people-pleaser like myself, but I promised Dr. Darling I wouldn’t commit us to anything even though I would have enjoyed not having to cook and partaking of a bit of holiday cheer.  But hey, compromise is a hallmark of a healthy relationship, right?

Which is not to say that we sat around and did absolutely nothing all weekend long.  We rented some movies, joined a gym (and worked out both Sat. & Sun.), did a quick tidy of The Penthouse – Nordic, and got on each other’s nerves a couple times…another hallmark of a healthy relationship!

Actually, I only mention it because it’s so unusual for us to argue…so when it does happen, it really rattles both of us.  Later, after we’d apologized to each other…we agreed that maybe if we did a little more often it wouldn’t freak us so much.

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