Dec 21 2006

How NOT to use your out-of-office AutoReply…

I sent a quick courtesy e-mail to a colleague in the UK this morning to let her know that an article she had assisted me with had been posted on the corporate intranet site.

Here’s what I got in return via her out-of-office auto-reply:

Your email has been sent to JUNK E-Mail FOLDER and it will not be read because I’m on holiday until 02/01/2007. 

If your email is urgent please send it to:

IT Support: it@xxxxx.co.uk or helpdesk@xxxxxx.com

Sales Enquiries: sales@xxxxxx.co.uk

Service Helpdesk: service@xxxxxxx.co.uk

Service Contracts: servcon@xxxxxxx.co.uk

Accounts Payable: remit@xxxxxx.co.uk

Accounts Receivable: acr@xxxxxxx.co.uk

Finance: finance@xxxxxx.co.uk



Now I should probably clarify that this message was created by an IT person rather than a communications or marketing person…but holy crap WHAT was she thinking?

I mean it’s one thing for colleagues to get this message…but entirely another for someone making a sales or billing enquiry to receive it. Because nothing expresses how much you appreciate your customers’ business than to tell them that their messages will not be be read and have been filed directly to your JUNK MAIL FOLDER.

Feed my ego!

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