Dec 22 2006

What’s YOUR favorite Christmas carol?

Earlier this week during "fika" with some colleagues, we were discussing our favorite Christmas carols.  I’ve got a bunch of favorites actually, but if I had to narrow my Top 5 to just a single carol, it would be "The Little Drummer Boy."

And possibly my all-time favorite version of it was a duet that Bing Crosby did with David Bowie during the last of his infamously cheesy family Christmas specials in the late 1970’s.  As much as I hate to admit it, I was actually watching when it aired the first time and I could hardly believe my eyes or my hears.  Keep in mind this was in the days before collaborations between artists of different eras and musical genres was common…so this performance was rather groundbreaking at the time.

Enjoy…and Merry Christmas.

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