Dec 25 2006

Santa sure didn’t look like this…

…when I was growing up!

This version of Santa emerging from the surf in Australia is making me re-think that whole "naughty or nice" thing.  HAVE MERCY!

Speaking of prime cuts of meat…we just finished Christmas Day dinner…my first-ever solo attempt at roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding.  And it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I’m not sure why I was so nervous about doing a roast because it was actually quite easy.

But I won’t be adding it to our regular meal rotation anytime soon because Dr. Darling and I have dramatically different ideas about how long it needs to be in the oven.  I suppose I should have realized there would be conflict given how she regularly ruins steak by insisting it be cooked medium-well.

But I wasn’t about to wreck the only decent meal I’ve had all weekend by overcooking the meat…so I carved my medium-rare portion from the roast when it came out of the oven the first time, and the Swede sawed through her piece of shoe-leather when it came out of the oven the second time.

So we didn’t get to eat at the same time but we both really enjoyed the food, though after two solid days of julbord (AKA awful Swedish Christmas food) I probably would have been happy with real shoe leather.

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