Dec 31 2006

New Year’s Eve with Jodie Foster

Okay…so I’m not actually ringing 2007 in with one of my favorite actresses…unless watching "Contact" for the 4th time counts.  Pretty friggin’ exciting, huh?  My other option was to play Trivial Pursuit (Globetrotter Edition) with Dr. Darling and her mother in Swedish, and I just didn’t feel like thinking that hard…so Jodie won.

New Year’s Eve is marked by fireworks in Sweden…and not just the big, professional displays like you’d see in the U.S. on the 4th of July, but the personal fireworks that are pretty much illegal in my home state of Indiana.  You can buy them everywhere here…we got five flyers advertising them in the mail on Friday.  And based on the light show going on in our neighborhood right now, people obviously spend ALOT of money on them.

The thing I can’t figure out is why the Swedish government, which is infamous for regulating the fun out of everything in the name of safety, allows people to buy and set off unlimited amounts of colourful explosives while under the influence of alcohol once a year?  I mean, it’s almost ike they’re daring people to injure themselves…and I’m sure the public won’t disappoint.

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