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Jan 30 2007

“You WILL be assimilated!”

Evidently I’ve lived in Europe way too long because this morning, without any reservation what-so-ever, I put on the exact same outfit I wore to work yesterday. Granted, I was up at corporate HQ in Stockhom all day Monday, so no one here at the divisional office actually saw me in these clothes. (And even if …

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Jan 28 2007

Long-distance commuting SUX, Part Deux

I’m just wrapping up yet another weekend sandwiched between two work days in Stockholm.  At least southern Sweden is not in the midst of a deadly wind storm like it was the last time I got to do Friday and Monday trips up there. But this past Friday’s trip to the capital was not without …

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Jan 27 2007

The Kevin Bacon Game goes “legit”

There was a time when I absolutely RULED at the Kevin Bacon game…which applied the theory of Six Degrees of Separation to the actor’s movie career. For those who were living under a rock in the mid- to late-90’s, the game went like this:Player 1 named an actor in any film from any era, and …

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Jan 24 2007

“But I don’t do social networking.”

Eagle-eyed ShazzerSpeak readers might have noticed a couple of new additions to the right-hand sidebar in recent weeks, namely a pair of widgets from a service called MyBlogLog. It’s kind of hard to describe exactly what MyBlogLog does, and in fact I wasn’t even sure how the widgets were going to work when I installed them. The website …

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Jan 23 2007

Management 101 for the Electronic Age

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to ask 25 colleagues around the world to send you five or six high-resolution image files by e-mail ASAP, and the company’s IT department has very strict limits as to how many megs of messages that your e-mail account can have in it at any one time, don’t go out-of-town for three days immediately …

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Jan 21 2007

Inaugural audio entry feat. Cruella Comeuppance Update #4!

It’s rough, it’s a little boring in spots, and there are way too many "uhm’s and Ah’s", but it is, after all, my first try. Please be gentle with me! It’s also a bit long and may take a minute to start playing.  I promise that future audio posts will be MUCH shorter!   Here …

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Jan 21 2007

First Audio attempt

Welcome/ Shazzer Speaking (PUN) I’ve been interested in audio blogging for a long time but just hadn’t gotten around to gathering up the tools to do it. Radio news anchor and reporter in my life PRE-Sweden so this should be something of a "natural fit."  But for some reason  I had  this idea (in spite …

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