Jan 01 2007

Just call me Florence, Florence Nightingale…

The new year started off with a bang in more ways than one.  At midnight I watched a spectacular 360-degree display of professional and amateur fireworks from the balcony of The Penthouse-Nordic, and about five hours later I watched a spectacular display of barfing in our bathroom. Now given that none of us had any more than a couple of mixed drinks and a glass of champagne the entire evening…I can only guess that the Trivial Pursuit match I skipped must have been pressure-packed!

According to Dr. Darling, I caught her second act…the first having occurred about an hour earlier.  And she was way more organized than I ever would have been if I were that sick.  By the time I stumbled into the bathroom to see if she needed any help, she was sitting on the toilet buck-naked with the barf-bucket between her knees.  (Even though I was half asleep, I recognized this as a sign that the poor thing had it coming out of both ends.)

In addition to getting her underpants clear of the “splash-zone”, she’d managed to move the bathroom rug and get her hair pulled back in a pseudo pony-tail.  When I asked her about this later, she said she’d been sitting on the can for quite awhile before she realized she was going to heave as well, so she had time to square things away before the real fun started.

We traded sides of the bed after that so she could be a little closer to the bathroom for Act Three…which I (thankfully) managed to sleep though.  Then a little after 7:00 I could hear that my MiL was up and scrambling around the apartment and I thought to myself, “How nice.  She got up to look after her daughter, and she’s even a nurse!  Dr. D is in the best possible hands so I can relax and go back to sleep.”  WRONG.

Evidently in addition to not wanting to catch what ever Dr. Darling had, she’d heard on the radio that there was a significant wind storm headed our way and she wanted to get the hell out of Dodge before it got here. Later I learned she was also worried about the possibility of being hit by the bug while on the train, which could lose power or be held up by downed trees due to the storm.  Is it any wonder Dr. Darling is so well-prepared for virtually ANYTHING?  (In my MiL’s defense, transportation authorities did close the Öresund Bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen for awhile later in the day due to high winds, and there were scattered power outages throughout the region.  Her trip home was uneventful, however, and last I heard she was still bug-free.)

So I got up to see my MiL off at 8:30 a.m. and intended to go back to bed until I got distracted by the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory“.  The Swede managed to sleep until a little after 2:00., and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to coax her into rehydrating via clear soup, a variety of teas and fizzy soft drinks.  She was feeling significantly better by the early evening judging by the fact that Rum Raisin ice cream had become her liquid of choice.

So that was my first day of 2007.  Try not to be too jealous.

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