Jan 04 2007

It’s a GREAT day to be named Nancy!

First because my Mom’s name is Nancy, and today is her birthday.  And second because another woman named Nancy will be sworn in as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives today, something that probably could not even have been imagined back when my mother was born.

This means that for the next two years at least, all of the young Nancys growing up in my homeland will be able to say that they share their name with the highest-ranking officer in Congress…arguably the most powerful and influencial elected official in the country.  And I’m sure they’ll do this with the same kind of pride that all the little Dennys and Newts did before them…not to mention all those kids named "Tip."

So my heartiest congratulations to these two Nancys…one who’s strength, wisdom and guidance made me the person I know she is proud of today…and the other who’s strength, wisdom and guidance can make the United States a country I know ALL Americans can be proud of in the future.

Feed my ego!

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