Jan 06 2007

Who knew I was a “reputable influencer”?!

I received a really interesting e-mail from a marketing company representative earlier this week.  Evidently the firm does some work for the Showtime subscription television network in the U.S. and is currently drumming up publicity for their series "The L Word".

The guy who contacted me said he had seen my recent entry about Jennifer Beals and wondered if I might be willing to post a review of the Season 4 premier of the show after it airs this Sunday night. He said I appeared to be "a reputable influencer" who could help his company get the word out about "The L Word".

Naturally I was really chuffed that my blog was identified as having marketing value to a media company as big as Showtime…though I suspect he hadn’t really read the entry too closely since it was primarily a slam of Ms. Beals’ debut film "Flashdance."  (He also didn’t realize that I live outside of the United States.) But he provided me with a link to some webmaster resources to use and encouraged me to disclose the fact that I’d been asked to write about "The L Word".

Here’s my reply to him:

Hello Darryl!
Thank you so much for contacting me.  I’m enormously flattered that you think me "a reputable influencer" and I would be delighted to blog about the season premier of The L Word. You should be aware, however, that I won’t actually get to see it.
To my (and many others’) extreme disappointment, The L Word has not been broadcast here in Sweden for the past year. The Swedish network that carried seasons 1 and 2 elected not to pick up #3 citing low ratings, which surprised me considering how many people I knew personally (both Swedes and American ex-pats) who watched it.
There was some protest from viewers in the local press, many of whom noted that Season 2 aired very late in the evening and was regularly shifted to different nights and times, making it difficult for folks to find or even make plans to record for later viewing. I was hoping that a different network would pick it up and schedule it on a consistent night and time, but so far that hasn’t happened. Adding to fans’ frustration in this part of the world is that Showtime’s official website for the program is only accessible from within the United States. : ^(
Still, I’m happy to blog about the season premier (along with the fact that I can’t watch it) just for the opportunity to use one of the cool images of Jennifer Beals from the M80 resources link you provided. And who knows…perhaps some kind reader will take pity on me and send the DVD of Season 3!
Best regards,

(Think it’ll work?)

When I told Dr. Darling about this latest milestone in my career as blogger, her reaction was fairly underwhelming:

"Oh crap.  This means somebody actually reads that thing."



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