Jan 12 2007

How much is that naked man in the window?

Not sure what product this guy is advertising, but the display made me laugh as trudged by it on the way to catch the airport shuttle this morning.

The mannequin is actually wearing a small white towel, but it’s tough to see that [insert sarcastic tone here] in this high-quality VGA image taken with my mobile phone. (He is pretty ripped though…which makes me wonder about the level of anatomical detail underneath the towel.)

I’m working in Stockholm today, which is really cool except for the commute. There’s a wind advisory for the area so my timing for such a trip is impeccable as usual.  And I have to come back up here on Monday, which pretty much guarantees bad weather for the start of next week, too.

This is one of those times I so want to be Samantha Stevens from ‘Bewitched‘. 

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