Jan 21 2007

First Audio attempt

Welcome/ Shazzer Speaking (PUN)

I’ve been interested in audio blogging for a long time but just hadn’t gotten around to gathering up the tools to do it.

Radio news anchor and reporter in my life PRE-Sweden so this should be something of a "natural fit."  But for some reason  I had  this idea (in spite of my professional broadcast background) that creating an audio entry would be much quicker and easier than writing one…after all…it’s just talking!  Boy was I ever wrong about that!

At any rate, Dr. Darling and I decided last fall that our Christmas gift to each other would be a replacing the ancient desktop PC she’d had since the spring of 1999.  YES…even though I’m a Mac Gal I knew this upgrade was WAY overdue.  Besides, our last two computer purchases had been iBooks so it only seemed fair that we go with her Operating System of choice this time.  And now that I’ve been FORCED to use a PC at my office for the last two years, I was bit more comfortable with the idea of dropping a bunch of coin on a machine that runs Windoze (spell it).

So we now have a spanking new HP Pavilion with three hard-drives and a 20-inch wide-screen flat panel monitor and just about every bell and whistle you could image for the total multi-media computer experience, and it’s provided the kick in the butt I needed to finally do something about getting my voice on my blog.

The other issue that pushed us to get our audio recording act together was the latest development in our discrimination case against our former Land Lady from Hell…fondly referred to throughout ShazzerSpeak as Cruella DeVille. On Friday, we got a letter from the Stockholm office handling the case asking for a copy of The Swede’s recorded conversation with Cruella from the day she handed over the keys to our old apartment last May. (Yes, Swedish government agencies tend to move like molasses in winter but that’s another story.)

I’ve include some links to previous entries for those who are aren’t totally up-to-speed on The Nutjob Landlord Saga. But for those of you who have been following along from the beginning, Stockholm has known about this recording since we registered the original complaint, but this is the frist time they’ve asked to hear it…which makes us think that Cruella’s inablility to recall the offensive statement she made while closing the door in Dr. Darling’s face just isn’t going to cut it with the anti-discrimination authorities in Sweden’s capital.

The problem was that we recorded it on a small digital recorder with no true "line out" for transferring recordings to another device…and we needed to get this conversation into a computer and converted to an MP3 file that could be saved to a CD and sent up to Stockholm.  We solved this with a fairly inexpensive microphone that was sensitive enough to capture the conversation very clearly from just holding it next to the digital recorder’s tiny speaker.

The Stockholm office has also asked for some additional details about the incident and wants Dr. Darling to explain why she thinks Cruella’s remark was motivated by bigotry against gays.  So my methodical and very diligent Swede has spent most of the weekend creating a document that does just that.  Last time I checked, it was three pages long single spaced.

Now an obvious question would be…Why I’m not including Cruella’s idiotic ramblings in this audio entry…and believe me, nothing would give me more please than to broadcast her special brand of lunacy across the world wide web.  But I don’t want to do anything that might prejudice the case, and beside that,  only folks who speak Sweidsh would be able to understand it.  Still…it’s very TEMPTING!

And on that note, I think I’ll conclude this innaugual audio entry.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it…and that no one is too disappointed that I don’t sound like Sally Kellerman.  Cheers Sweeties!

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