Feb 04 2007

Rare sunshiney weekend has me longing for Spring and a cleaning lady…

Here’s a second stab at audio blogging…because I know the first marathon diatribe just wasn’t enough for you people!  LOL!

This one’s actually a lot shorter thanks to aggressive use of the editing functions of my recording software (Audacity, free cross-platform sound editor for Mac/Windows/Linux)).  In fact, I think I might have pushed the envelope a bit too much in some places…making it sound as though I A) never breathe or B) have a chronic case of the hiccups.

And now I’m off to see if I can find some coverage of the Super Bowl pre-game festivities on one of the myriad of sports channels we get as part of our cable package but rarely watch because they hardly ever air NFL games.  Wish me luck!

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