Feb 05 2007

How ’bout them Colts?!

I didn’t get to see the Super Bowl but I was delighted to read this morning  that my home state Indianpolis Colts were victorious!  (I took time off work to watch U.S. election results all night last November but didn’t think I could justify doing it for an NFL game.) I had spoken with my Mom yesterday afternoon (Sweden time) and she said both she and my brother were juggling a multitude of Super Bowl Party invitations in my hometown of Lafayette…where loyalties over which team to support were a bit divided.

You see, Lafayette lies about 2.5 hours southeast of Chicago and a little over an hour northwest of Indianapolis…you have to drive through it on your way from one city to the other via Interstate 65.  Until the Colts moved to Indy from Baltimore back in 1984, the Bears were considered the "local" NFL franchise by folks in northwest Indiana, and some people (myself included) never really changed allegiances.

In the end, I made my decision on who to cheer for based on which team had been waiting the longest to get back to The Big Dance…and that turned out to be the Colts.  Well done lads, and congratulations!

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