Feb 13 2007

Do they whistle Dixie in Obama?

After being on a bit of a blogging tear recently (10 entries in the first 12 days of this month, what the hell have I been eating for breakfast?!) I made a conscious decision to take both Saturday and Monday off. Of course this meant there would be HUGE news stories breaking both days.

No, I’m not talking about the latest development in the sad Anna Nicole Smith saga, but rather Barack Obama making his presidential run "official" and the Dixie Chicks making the country music industry eat crow.

I admit to being an "early adopter" when it comes to the freshman Senator from Illinois. I grabbed the front passenger seat of his bandwagon before he even finished his amazing speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and wondered publicly how long I’d have to wait to vote for him for U.S. President.

Which is not to say I’ll get that option when the election rolls around…November of 2008 is a LONG way off and a lot of shit can happen between now and then.  Besides, I also really like John Edwards and lamented from the very start of the 2004 campaign that he wasn’t at the top of the ticket in for the Dems.  I could even see myself voting for Hillary is she gets the nomination…but I’m not sure the there are enough swing voters who would join me at this point, and evidently that’s the key to the whole election thing right there. Bottom line, I just want the Democrats to field somebody who can WIN.

At the moment, Mr. Obama is taking a bit of a hit in the media for a verbal slip at a campaign stop in Iowa, for which I predict all but the most hard-core neo-cons (and Faux News) will forgive him. (Of course the neo-cons don”t have much room to be critical…they helped put put "The Decider" in the White House for crying outloud.) At least when Barack misspeaks, he knows it.

A far better example of the kind of candidate Obama is comes from his pitch-perfect comeback to criticism from Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who basically said an election victory for Obama (or any other Democrat, really) would be a boon to al Qaeda. Obama, campaigning in Iowa, told reporters on Sunday that he’s flattered that one of Dubya’s staunchest allies on the other side of the world "started attacking me the day after I announced (his presidential run) — I take that as a compliment."

He then went on to say that if the Australian prime minister was "ginned up to fight the good fight in Iraq," he needs to send another 20,000 Australians to the war, otherwise his remarks are just "a bunch of empty rhetoric." He shoots, he scores!!!  (Australia has about 1,400 troops in Iraq, many in non-combat roles.)

As for the Dixie Chicks, the country music industry’s boycott of them for their very justified criticism of the Bush Administration just prior to the start of the war back in 2003 just gave me one more good reason to hate country music.  (Reason #367, as I recall.) I don’t even own any of their music…but I just may have to buy some now.

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