Feb 14 2007

Snow envy…

I’m finding it completely ironic that my hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, is buried under more than a foot of snow right now while here in southern Sweden we’ve had barely more than a dusting of the white stuff all winter long. It’s SO not fair!

Here’s the forecast grid and some recent photos from the local TV station’s weather blog.  Note that the temperatures are in Fahrenheit.


Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Hi 15 F
Lo 8 F
Blowing and Drifting Snow Likely & Cold

Hi 10 F
Lo -5 F
The Wind Eases, But Brutally Cold for Digging Out!

Hi 18 F
Lo -8 F
Still Digging Out & Brutally Cold

Hi 27 F
Lo 10 F
A Few Snow Showers & Much Milder!

Hi 30 F
Lo 14 F
Actually Feeling Mild Outside, Some Melting of Roads and Drifts!

I’ve had contact with my family and everybody is safe and looking forward to a cozy "snow day" since all schools, businesses and most government offices are closed.  Even the Purdue-Indiana University basketball game has been postponed…which means not only has the West Lafayette campus been buried, but Hell must be freezing over as well!

I’m completely jealous.

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