Feb 17 2007

How can I be solemn about slalom?

Well, unlike my office plants, I appear to have survived the week relatively unscathed.  Not sure why things were so chaotic at work exactly…but from Tuesday onward it felt like all I did was put out other people’s fires.  So even though I only accomplished a fraction of the stuff I wanted and needed to do, I was more than ready for the week to be over.

I was too fried to do much of anything last night except hang out with Dr. Darling, who like most Swedes has been glued to the World Alpine Skiing Championships all week.  This sports-crazy country is hosting it this year and seems to be capitalizing on the home-court advantage if the medal count is any indication.

Having never watched alpine skiing this intently before, I naturally had a lot of questions about the individual events…the first and foremost being, how do you tell them apart?  The Swede finds my lack of knowledge appalling.

Dr. D : How can you know so little about downhill skiing?

Me:  Americans only know about sports that they themselves participate in.

Dr. D:  But Americans ski.

Me: Not in Indiana they don’t.  I’m sure there are plenty of folks in the Colorado, Utah and Vermont who are glued to this competition.

Dr. D:  I forgot. The only sports anyone cares about in Indiana are basketball and American football.

Me:  Hey…we watch downhill skiing during the Winter Olympics!

Dr. D:  I suppose it is kind of hard to remember the rules when you only tune in every four years.

Me: (needing to have the last word, obviously): Shut up.

Then again, I guess this kind of apathy is hard for a Swede to understand when the country’s leading moblie network provider is sending MMS messages to every subscriber reminding them that they can watch one of the events live on their phones tonight. 

Because as exciting downhill skiing is to watch on TV, I’m sure it’s even more dramatic on a postage stamp-sized phone screen!

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