Feb 20 2007

Fancy hotel rooms suit me…who knew?

I have, for most of my life, been a budget traveller. Some of the time this was out of necessity and other times it’s just been a personal choice.  (I can always find WAY more things I’d prefer to spend money on than a hotel room.) Since hooking up with my frugal Swede, I’ve had even MORE reasons to forego fancy accomodations…in fact most of the time that we’re on the road together we camp.

Which is probably why I’m getting such a kick out my digs at the Corporate Big-Wig Conference in Sweden’s capital city.  The room itself isn’t very large…but that’s mostly because the bathroom with super deep tub, separate glassed-in shower and heated tile floor is HUGE and takes up almost half of it!  I’ve also got a fully-stocked mini-bar, a nice selection of TV channels in multiple languages (I don’t even watch The Gilmore Girls but something about seeing it dubbed in German was completely mesmorizing) and a wireless internet connection.

This luxury almost makes up for the lousy flight up here this morning at O’dark:30.  First I was forced to check my backpack because my laptop case loaded with glossy print outs on heavy paper that my boss was making me haul up to the conference was too heavy.  And then I managed to sit in front of the only two men on the plane who knew each other and therefore had to talk loudly for the entire flight.  Gaaahhhh!

Now that I think about it, I think need a soak in that super deep tub.

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