Feb 24 2007

The long way home…

I’m beginning to think that there’s just no way for me to get home from Stockholm in under six hours regardless of which mode of transportation I take.

Last night’s journey was a doozy, though not because of the weather which was still causing delays and cancellations at Copenhagen’s airport.  No, my flight to Malmö was delayed because of “technical difficulties” at the airline.

And Bromma is not an airport where you want to get stranded for any length of time. It’s tiny, with one cafeteria-style restaurant, one kiosk that charges obscene prices for snacks and soda, and not nearly enough places to sit.

Security Notice: Metal Detector

Security Notice: Metal Detector (Photo credits: www.mysecuritysign.com)

When my departure was bumped for the second time and it was clear I wouldn’t be getting any dinner for awhile, I sprang for a $3 bottle of Diet Coke and had finished more than half of it before I started to run the gauntlet of the security check. The security guy in front of the x-ray machine and metal detector said it was okay for me to take the soda with me through the check point, so I did.

I continued to take swigs from the bottle as I re-packed my laptop in my briefcase, and was about to head into the departure area when a different security person told me I had finish the soda (that I bought in the airport and that she had clearly seen me drinking) before I could leave the checkpoint. Because you know, I always like to ingest potentially explosive liquids while I’m waiting on a delayed flight.

I asked her if she was serious, especially since the security guy in the main terminal had said it was okay for me to take it through and I intended to finish it before I got on the plane (I still had plenty of time before it was supposed to take off).  She was kind of apologetic about it, but said I had to drink it right then and there or else throw it away.

And as I chugged down the final few ounces it took every bit of energy I had left to resist mentioning that the metal detector had missed the small Swiss Army knife in my left-front pants pocket. But I SO WANTED TO!!!


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