Mar 02 2007

Guess I’ll be keeping my day job…

It’s been a month since I decided to try running a few text ads on ShazzerSpeak and I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed by the results so far.

On the one hand, it appears as though I will easily make enough money to cover the cost of my domain names, which was one of my goals. But since Google AdSense doesn’t issue a payment until your earnings reach $100, I won’t actually be able to pay my registrar service until some time in early 2011.

On the other hand, the addition of the ads didn’t seem to have any impact whatsoever on my traffic, which is a good thing.  In fact I had my highest monthly hit count ever in February … a very short month.  So I think I’ll leave the ads in place since they don’t seem to be bothering anybody.

In other ShazzerSpeak news that’s likely of interest to no-one except me and my stats-obsessed Swede, an entry I wrote about one of Sweden’s World Cup matches last summer became my top-read post ever sometime this week.  And not because it was brilliant, funny or particularly interesting, but because it featured a photo of Swedish soccer star Freddie Ljungberg clad only in a pair of Calvin Klein’s.

So if you want to generate some serious traffic for your own site, just post a picture of Freddie and watch the hits roll in!

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