Mar 09 2007

Shazzer’s Big Gay Round-Up

There have been a bunch of “Family”-related headlines in the news lately that I’ve been meaning to comment on, but I’ve been too friggin’ lazy busy to post about them.  This entry is an attempt to make up for that.

First of all, Ann AKA “The anti-Christ” Coulter probably did Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a favor when she used the word “faggot” in reference to him at a big neo-con gathering in Washington last week. He’s has turned her remark into a fundraising campaign to which I plan to donate.

In other news, the Episcopal Church in the USA has reiterated its welcoming position on gays and lesbians after being issued an ultimatum from Anglican leaders that it roll back its acceptance of same-sex couples and gay clergy or face a reduced role in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

As a confirmed Episcopalian, I hope the American church sticks to its guns.  Not just because I think it’s right on this issue…but because I think the Anglican leadership will blink.

The Episcopalians may only represent a fraction of the Anglican Communion in terms of membership, but they provide a significant portion of the budget that funds its worldwide mission.  At some point the conservative African bishops who are so hell-bent on kicking the Americans out will realize that doing so is the equivalent of cutting off the hand that feeds them.

And finally, I was very sad to learn of the death of John Inman, the actor who played the campy and irreverant  Mr. Humphries in the BBC cult classic sitcom “Are You Being Served.”  This show was one of my earliest introductions to British comedy, an interest that eventually led me to meet Dr. Darling.

Rest in peace Wilburforce, and thank you.

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