Mar 11 2007

And you thought Americans were sue-happy?

I found this news story rather amusing…which is not to say I don't empathize with the plaintiff.  I'm actually pretty militant when it comes to being exposed to cigarette smoke.

But if I had a problem with a neighbor puffing away outside my apartment, my first attempt to resolve the matter would not involve sending a nasty letter, which is what this guy did.  And not just because he happens to be a lawyer…but because he's a Swede and that's how they do confrontation.

Woman sued for smoking in own garden

A lawyer from Åkarp in southern Sweden has sued his neighbour for smoking in her own back garden. He has requested her to pay 15,000 kronor ($2,083) to compensate for his suffering, along with an additional 2,000 kronor each time she lights a new cigarette.

The complete article can be read here

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