Mar 14 2007

The conservatives’ “deal with the devil”

There's an excellent opinion piece on Salon.com right now that's well worth getting a "Site Pass" for if the link below doesn't take you directly there. 

It's called The Coulterization of the American right and the writer, Gary Kimaya, says that the "faggot episode" at the CPAC conference earlier this month was not about what an evil idiot Ann Coulter is, but rather about the deal the American right struck with the devil and is now coming due.

Here's a taste: American conservatism sold its soul to the Coulters and Limbaughs of the world to gain power, and now that its ideology has been exposed as empty and its leadership incompetent and corrupt, free-floating hatred is the only thing it has to offer. The problem, for the GOP, is that this isn't a winning political strategy anymore — but they're stuck with it. They're trapped. They need the bigoted and reactionary base they helped create, but the very fanaticism that made the True Believers such potent shock troops will prevent the Republicans from achieving Karl Rove's dream of long-term GOP domination.

You can read the entire piece here.

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