Mar 16 2007

Does “twittering” make me a twit?

You can't go anywhere in the blogosphere right now without reading something about Twitter, a service that lets users send short notices by cell phone, instant messenger, or via the web to let friends, "followers" (and anyone who happens to surf by the twitter.com website) know what they're doing.  Sounds like a teenager's wet dream, right?

But apparently a lot of grown-ups are "twittering" as well, and finding a variety of uses for the technology.  Being the tech-junkie that I am, I knew it was only a matter of  time before I'd have to try it out.

Now I don't for even one minute think that anyone aside from my mother (MAYBE) would have the remotest interest in getting a text update on what I'm doing at any given moment of the day, and I myself don't have the patience or the manual dexterity to send more than a couple of mobile phone text messages a week.

Still, I could see why putting a Twitter badge on my blog might be handy…because it gives me the ability to make short posts (140 characters or less) on the fly when I'm no where near a computer. And I find it's often the random "in the moment" observations and thoughts that are the most entertaining. So I have put my Twitter page script near in the right-hand sidebar for "micro-bloggingl" and so far, it's working like a charm.

While I was surfing around the Twitter website I discovered that Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was twittering his campaign activities, and I thought it would be kind of cool to "follow" him, meaning his updates would be sent to my mobile phone and Twitter page. But the support documentation on the Twitter website is a little thin, and I accidently added John Edwards as a Friend rather than someone I just wanted to "follow".

To my shock and amazement, the campaign worker responsible for the candidate's "Tweets" actually added me back…meaning that all my updates are being posted on his Twitter page.  Which means I may have texted the next President of the United States that I overslept this morning and was a little too aggressive with the gel-wax in my rush to make my train.

Surely that's put me in line for a cabinet post at least! 

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