Mar 18 2007

Frighteningly funny night

If you’ve never seen it before, “American Psycho ” is not a film you want to stumble upon by accident, especially if it’s late at night and you’ve missed the opening credits.

This is precisely the situation Dr. Darling and I found ourselves in around midnight last night…and since we had no idea what we were watching for the first hour (the TV guide was in the livingroom and we were watching the TV with analog cable in the bedroom), it was a bizarre experience to say the least.

I had purposely avoided this film when it was released in 2000 because I was under the (completely misguided, as it turns out) impression it was a slasher movie.  Not sure if I got that idea from the way it was marketed or from friends and colleagues who had seen it (or possibly both), but in any case, I took a pass because of it.

BIG MISTAKE.  Violent and bloody, yes. But slasher movie? Not even close.

“American Psycho” is actually a darkly comic satire about the excesses of the 80’s Wall Street scene, and it’s on the verge of brilliant.  I can’t believe it took me so long to see this film, and then when I did, it was completely by accident.

Now I wanna see it again.  And I definitely HAVE to read the book.

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