Mar 25 2007

So we’re a little slow in the home-improvement department…

We’ve been talking about painting our bedroom ever since moving into The Penthouse-Nordic, but it’s been one of those projects that’s been really easy to put off. Which is really weird when you consider that we’ve helped three different sets of friends with painting projects over the past year.

But yesterday afternoon … while running some other unrelated errands … we ended up finding paint in a colour we were both happy with…and suddenly our completely free+lovely weather weekend turned into paint project+stuck indoors weekend.

Even more bass-ackwards (my favorite word lately), we launched this project after having spent most of Saturday morning tidying the apartment up…and now the complete contents of the bedroom (save the bed and a standing wardrobe) are stacked and scattered all over the livingroom. Lovely.

500th birthday of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519...

500th birthday of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Leonardos painting Mona Lisa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the upside, Dr. Darling won’t let me touch so much as a trim brush because I’m not meticulous enough to meet her standards. Bummer!

So I’m handling all of the support functions like moving furniture, fetching refreshments and keeping on top of the entertainment (music is critical when you’re painting), plus taking care of a few other domestic chores like laundry and a quick grocery shop.  To be completely honest … this is one occasion when I’m really glad the Swede is insisting on “being the man” in the relationship. ;^D

In short order I’ll be coordinating our first fika on the balcony of 2007…because the weather absolutely demands it.  And later I’ll be cooking a fantastic Sunday dinner involving chicken and white wine, because my own little Leonardo absolutely deserves it. 


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