Mar 26 2007

So it’s not Feng Shui exactly…

One of the secondary benefits of (finally) painting our bedroom was re-arranging the furniture…something I’ve been even more keen to do than changing the colour of the walls. But whenever I suggested it, the ever-pragmatic Swede’s response was that we should wait to do it when we painted since we’d be taking most of the furniture out of the room anyway. This was of course both logical and practical, and not at all what I wanted to hear.

The previous arrangement of our bedroom furniture would probably have made even the most casual practitioner of Feng Shui cringe, and I blame it entirely on the previous tenants. That couple didn’t even use the room as a bedroom because the sound of the elevator disturbed their infant son. Instead, the three of them slept in the smaller bedroom (now our office/guestroom), which faces the street as well as one of the main entrances to our block of buildings.

I had a hard time believing that the street-side of the apartment was actually quieter than the courtyard side. So Dr. Darling and I camped out in the big bedroom one Saturday night before we actually moved in just to see (or rather, hear) if the elevator would bother us. We determined that even though we could hear it while awake, it wasn’t loud enough to roust either one of us while sleeping. Plus, the larger bedroom was MUCH closer to the bathroom. Decision made.

But when it came time to set the room up on moving day, we decided it was best not to temp fate by placing the head of the bed on the wall that was closest to the elevator. After all, we’d only spent one night in the room, and it might have been an unusually quiet one in terms of elevator use.

It was at this point that we discovered…because of the position of the door, the window, the heating element, and some pipes of unknown origin coming out of the wall in one corner…that there was actually only one other place to put our queen-sized bed once we’d eliminated the wall that was closest to the elevator. And of course the position of the bed pretty much dictated the options for where to put everything else, and we ended up with a room that looked like a laboratory maze for the Rodents of Unusual Size featured in The Princess Bride.

After sleeping there for about a month, we both knew that having the head of the bed on wall closest to the elevator was not going to be a problem, and so my campaign to re-arrange the room began in earnest almost 11 months ago. Because this my friends, is the real reason why I didn’t raise any objections when Dr. Darling was ready to buy paint on Saturday even though we didn’t have a swatch from our quilt with us at the time, and then wasted an entire gorgeous Spring day inside painting. It’s all about the furniture!

So between the paint job and the new locations of the bed, nightstands, dressers, etc., it’s not even recognizable as the same room.  And because we’re now able to use the space so much more effectively, it feels like a much larger room even though we’ve put a relatively dark shade of blue on the walls (to help make it darker in the summer months when the sun is up for like 20 hours a day.)  We’re both delighted with the results even though we were like yin and yang when it came to how and when to achieve them.

Hang on a sec…maybe we’ve got the Feng Shui thing down after all?

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