Mar 27 2007

Deadbeat Dads: A righteous pizza topping!

Evidently a couple of pizza delivery places in Cincinnati, Ohio, have started putting pictures of folks wanted for non-payment of child support on their pizza boxes in place of the coupons they usually stick there. (For once, the state of my birth is in the news for something I can actually be proud of!)

According to this AP story, the executive director of a local child enforcement agency was got the idea while ordering a pizza for home delivery…because, you know, people trying to avoid an arrest warrant like to order in.

I wonder how long it will be before the restaurants' staff tires of the following phone order:

"Hello, I'd like to have a sausage and deadbeat dad…I mean double cheese…pizza delivered, please."

Because I would SO be making that call if it wasn't incredibly long distance from here.

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