Mar 29 2007

Pushing the boundaries of ‘business casual’

I’ve written often about the casual environment of the Swedish workplace as compared to what I experienced in the U.S. (Examples can be found here, here and here.)  It’s by far one of my favorite aspects of working here.

But I’m beginning to suspect that I might be getting a little TOO comfortable in my office. To wit, I’ve actually caught myself preparing to drop trou on my way in to the bathroom, just like I do at home!

It’s happened three times now…and in all cases I was in a hurry for one reason or another and there was no-one around to see me unbuttoning and unzipping in the corridor. But at this rate, you know it’s only a matter of time before somebody comes around a corner and catches me with my pants halfway down.  I’m an indecent exposure charge just waiting to happen!

Then again, this is Sweden, Land of the Casually Naked People.


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  1. Laura Kitchel Bordenkecher

    Geez.. I do that too in the not-so-casual US. My time is probably coming soon, too!

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