Apr 07 2007

Not exactly “Hell Week”

I’m always most acutely aware of my ex-pat status around holidays, and Easter is certainly no exception. If I were living in my hometown in the U.S. right now, I would be fully engaged in (and exhausted by) Holy Week and the attendant services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, The Great Vigil and Easter Sunday.

My Episcopal church choir, which had a healthy reputation for faithful irreverence, liked to call this “Hell Week” because in addition to having to attend all these services, we sang special music (that we’d been rehearsing for several weeks) for each one of them.  It made for a pretty grueling schedule, especially on top of a regular work week.

Now I live in Sweden, where everybody has plenty of time off from work to learn special Holy Week service music, but nobody goes to church!

This year I’ve marked Holy Week by eating a lot of sushi and accidentally flirting with a middle eastern man at the gym while trying to get Dr. Darling‘s attention from the opposite side of the weight room.  Not exactly the ideal way to commemorate the crucifixion…but I think I made middle eastern guy’s week.

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