Apr 15 2007

Greetings from the future…

This post is appearing under the date of Sunday, April 15…but it’s actually being written on Monday, April 16.  Spooky, huh?!

The reason for this break in the ShazzerSpeak time-space continuum is that my hosting service (Blog-City) was offline for scheduled maintenance server upgrades for about five hours on Sunday afternoon, which was followed by a delay in the DNS resolving to some of the blogs on the new servers. (Or something like that. The technical end of domain management makes my left eye twitch…which is why I’m still not making full use of the domains I own including shazzerspeak.com.)

So while the upgrade went smoothly and was even completed ahead of schedule on my provider’s end, the ‘net took awhile to catch up.  And when I still couldn’t accesss the blog six hours after it had supposedly gone back online…I gave up trying to post on Sunday.

But the thing that really stunned me was the drop in my hit-count for the day. Prior to the down-time I was averaging betwen 1,500 and 1,700 hits per day this month…but Sunday’s number was a measly 645. OUCH!  And Monday’s stats are not looking very good either. (I know this because I’m posting from the future!) I’m never going to beat my March 2007 record for visitors at this rate! Gaaah!

Of course I’m rattling on here as though I would have posted something spectacularly witty, though-provoking and/or interesting on April 15th if I’d only had access to my blog, but who am I kidding?  I spent most of the day outdoors and computer-free, sipping latté at little café down by the sea, which produces a whole different kind of “wired.”

Feed my ego!

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