Apr 17 2007

Just another day on defense…

Like a lot of people I suspect, I’ve been having a hard time concentrating today.

And even when I do manage to focus on something other than the ever-updating online news about the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, one of my Swedish colleagues will come into my office and want to talk about it. And the conversations invariably start with something along the lines of, “What’s wrong with your country? It’s a fair question, and one I have no answer for…

My colleagues also know I was once a media relations officer for a large university in the midwestern U.S., so I got peppered with questions about campus security and communications procedures, too. Ironically, one of the last crises I helped manage there involved an Asian graduate student who killed his wife and her sister in their campus apartment. In this case the weapon was a hunting knife, but who knows how the the situation would have played out if he’d had a gun?

In the meantime, I’m fighting off what’s trying to be my first cold of the year. (I REFUSE to be sick for the first time all winter in the middle of April!)  Dr. Darling brought her Dad’s sore throat and sniffles home from Falkenberg last week (the joy of Easter just keeps on giving!) but I thought I’d dodged that bullet. We’ll see.

Oddly enough, we had just been talking about how remarkably cold-free we’d both been this winter, which can probably be credited to the fact that we have a medicine cabinet chock full of cold treatments and remedies bought in the U.S. last Thanksgiving.

Because one of “Murphy-sson’s Laws” here in Vikingland is that the number of colds you get will be inversely proportionate to the amount of Nyquil you have imported from the Motherland.

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