Apr 19 2007

No-frills Western Union

My fellow American ex-pat buddy Misfit Duck has been on a travel adventure in a remote part of Africa (that I’m completely envious of … but that’s really not the point) for the last couple weeks.

Internet connections there are few and far between, and cell phone coverage has been somewhat sketchy…not too mention REALLY expensive when she is able to find a network. Consequently we’ve had very limited contact since she left, save for an occasional e-mail and an even rarer text message.

This morning a received a rather cryptic missive from her with a request that I forward it to her Swede. Evidently the mobile network she was on would let her send text messages to me, but not to him, and the info she needed to share with him was rather urgent.

After duly forwarding the text message, I got a reply from him because he couldn’t get through to her either.  So I forwarded his message on to her in what was beginning to feel a bit like a high-tech version of the “Monkey in the Middle” game I played as a kid. (But at least I got my Good Deed for the Day out of the way early.)

With any luck Misfit Duck now has access to some cash and her Swede is going to remember to buy flea shampoo before she gets home.

And eventually I hope they’ll both forgive me for blogging about it!

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