Apr 21 2007

Would Jesus discriminate? In Indiana, probably.

Which is precisely why I'm so impressed with the Metropolitan Community Church in Indianapolis, my home state's capital city.

The church is sponsoring a series of billboards around the city challenging people's understanding of what the Bible says about homosexuality.  The messages are short, biblically factual and provocative, which leads me to wonder just how many fender-benders have resulted from Hoosier drivers doing a double-take.

Here are a couple of samples:



The billboard messages have been devised by wouldjesusdiscriminate.com, an initiative sponsored in the God-fearing USA by Faith in America and the MCC's national organisation, two groups that will be receiving monetary donations from me shortly.

In fact, if I weren't already a card-carrying Episcopalian, a denomination that has been pushing the envelope on acceptance and inclusion of gay people at ALL levels of church life for years now, I'd be giving the MCC serious consideration as my spiritual home.

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