Apr 23 2007

A dream deferred…

Dr. Darling and I often talk about the kind of car we'd like to own whenever we get around to buying one.  Not surprisingly, the Swede is leaning toward a Volvo station wagon of some sort while my heart is set on something a little more sporty and fun.

One vehicle we've always jointly lusted after, however, is the Volvo XC90, Volvo's version of an SUV…though up until this past weekend, we've always lusted from afar. Turns out we have a friend who has one, and after chauffeuring us down to Höllviken in high-riding luxury for the baby shower of a mutual ex-pat pal yesterday afternoon, she offered to let us take it out for a test-drive any time we want. SWEET!

I spent the much of the remainder of the afternoon and early evening day-dreaming about the adventures we could have in our own Willow Green Pearl Volvo XC90, which naturally involved bike racks mounted to the roof and a lively flat-coated retriever jumping in and out of the back.

And then we watched the global warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," and realized that we'll have to wait until Volvo builds a hybrid version of the XC90 before we can own one in good conscience.

If you haven't already seen the film, make an effort to do so…regardless of any opinion you may have of Al Gore. It makes the science and consequences of global warming starkly understandable and real, and the impact is sobering to say the least.

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