Apr 29 2007

Barista milk: It’s not just for Starbucks anymore!

After nearly five years of living in The Land of 9 Different Grades of Cream and STILL having to improvise half&half for my coffee, the Swedish dairy industry seems to have taken at least a step in the right direction by making barista milk available at my local grocery store.

To be honest, it never occurred to me that baristas had their own special kind of milk, but it certainly makes sense that the higher fat content (3.2% according to the carton) would make the whole business of frothing and foaming for latte's and cappucino's a hell of a lot easier.

So while I still have to add some cooking cream (12% fat) to get my coffee the precise colour and consistency that half&half would provide, the barista milk allows me to dial the amount back considerably.  And the milk all by itself will do if we happen to be out of cooking cream (which does happen once in awhile).

Granted, it's a bit rich to drink on its own…but since I can't remember the last time I had a glass of milk and Dr. Darling doesn't drink it either, that's really not much of an issue for us. Barista milk is great for all really important milk uses…making sauces, pouring over ice cream, and of course, in coffee.   

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