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May 29 2007

My brother, Fogmaster General

For reasons known only to Mother Nature and possibly the Purdue University Travel Office, the southern Skåne region of Sweden likes to evelope itself in a blanket of fog when my brother comes to visit. This is his second trip to Malmö by way Greece, and the second time the beauty and grandeur of our …

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May 26 2007

At least I can curse like a native!

So yesterday, after a horrendously long work day of trying to tie up loose-ends before taking two weeks off to hang out with my brother, I was a bit late heading for the train and somewhat harried when it came time to “clock out.” (I also resent the fact that I have to punch a …

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May 25 2007

Sometimes you’ve gotta sneak in the backdoor!

So I know I promised I wouldn't blog about every comment I make on Jezebel, but I never said anything about the ones I make on Wonkette!!!  (You'll need to scroll down a ways, it was a particularly thought-provoking entry about an Air Force airman being court-marshalled for participating in a drunken three-way.) It turns …

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May 24 2007

From the “I need to get a real life” department

I was planning to take a pass on blogging about the weirdest research story in the current news cycle, even though jet-lag is a regular feature of my life as an ex-pat.  I mean, there are at least a dozen jokes I could make about the potential problems that could "arise" from pilots pepped up on …

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May 23 2007

So Europe’s not THAT relaxed about nudity….

Naked U.S. tourist shocks German city Clearly this guy did not do much research prior to his trip to Nuremburg. He told the police officers who charged him with indecent exposure that he thought strolling around naked was perfectly acceptable in Germany. The story makes a point of mentioning that the slow streaker was not …

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May 22 2007

“If we could put a man on the moon…”

…surely the shared laser printers scattered throughout my office complex could indicate whether or not they are busy BEFORE I press the print button? Because if I'd gotten a message that said: "R&D is tying up SEP-A74 with a HUGE-@SS double-sided colour manual" I could have easily selected a different printer for the single-page, one-sided document that…while not an …

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May 20 2007

Nakedness NOT optional on Swedish TV

We have been hosting some friends from the U.S. this week and having a wonderful time doing it. One of the endlessly entertaining things about guests from "The Heartland" is the cultural differences they tune in to…stuff I know I was hyper-aware of when I first moved here but barely notice now. There are plenty …

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