May 06 2007

World-dancing Matt is rocking my world…

…almost a year after he rocked everybody else’s apparently. (But hey…I live in Sweden, remember?)

An excerpt from the following video recently turned up in a TV ad for a Swedish travel company, and much like the “Superballs in San Francisco” Sony Bravia commercial, I CAN’T NOT WATCH IT when it comes on. I was completely charmed by it the first time I saw it, so much so that I wanted to congratulate the marketing wizards who thought it up.

Turns out that the dancing traveller is a 30-something computer games developer named Matt Harding who quit his job back in 2003 to take a low-budget trip around the world, and somewhere along the way he decided to film himself dancing badly at various locations and landmarks. There were no marketing wizards involved at all!

After Matt ran out of money and returned to the U.S., his dancing travel video caught the attention of a chewing gum company called Stride, which paid for him to take a second trip around the world so he could dance badly in even more exotic locations. This video is the result of that trip.

Just try not to get sucked in…or inspired to see more of the world…I DARE YOU!

Matt’s taking names and contact information from folks who would like to dance with him on his next world tour for Stride Gum, and naturally I’ve added my name to the list in case he happens to pass through Malmö. (It could happen!)

In my “pitch” note I mentioned that we were right across the Öresund from Copenhagen, so he could easily knock off two Scandinavian countries with one stop here. (Because I, myself, can be a marketing wizard on occasion.)

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