May 08 2007

Sure to get the fundies fuming…

In this edition of Shazzer's Big Gay Round-Up, we'll be covering three subjects near and dear to the social conservative's cold and Grinch-like heart (before the intervention of Cindy Loo Who): the U.S. military, parenting, and religion. It's the Gay Agenda Hat Trick!  The Totally Queer Triple Crown! Okay, perhaps I'm getting a little carried away, here.  Moving on…

First comes news that at least one branch of the U.S. military is starting to recognize the lunacy that is "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" even if its leadership isn't willing to comment publicly on it. Turns out the Navy recalled an openly gay sailor to active duty nine months after it had discharged him for being openly gay, and he's been serving effectively and with the support of his fellow sailors in Kuwait ever since.

Of course the fact that the gay sailor is a Hebrew linguist in Navy intelligence may have something to do with it. Because in the REAL world, if you've got the necessary competence, who you sleep with is kind of a non-issue.

There there's this little gem of an academic study comissioned by the Canadian government showing that same-sex parenting not only rivals that of straight parenting in terms of raising well-adjusted youngsters…it can actually be advantageous for the children. Yes, you read that right.

And while the results of this particular study were based on data in empirical literature, I would offer up a really simple reason why gay parents shine: they don't have kids by accident.

And finally, major props to the Rainbow Sash Movement for their plans to "call out" Roman Catholic priests at the communion rail on Pentecost Sunday (May 27).  RSM is an organization of gay Catholics, their families and friends, all hoping to help the church join the 21st century with regard to issues of sexuality. (Good luck.)

In previous years, Roman Catholic priests have denied the sacrament to RSM members who presented themselves for communion while wearing a rainbow-coloured sash over one shoulder, because apparently they thought the "What would Jesus do?" phenomenon was meant to be ironic.

So I was really moved when I read on the RSM website that other parishioners have been known to share their portion of the Body of Christ with their rainbow-adorned brethren after Father McBigot passed them by. No question about who the real Christians are in this situation.

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